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Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: Options on Touch-times site include PayPal, Credit Card, WebMoney Transfer, Poli Payments and Astro Pay.

We also accept payment to our accounts: PayPal, T/T Payment, Western Union and MoneyGram. After the payment is made, send the following details to us via email, so we could confirm it and start to prepare your order.

Address: 1.Queen's Road Central Hong Kong
Account No: 848-600367-838

Receiver  :

First name : Jingjing
Last name: Fan
City: Shenzhen , China

Paypal Address: sales@touch-times.com

Person  :
First name : Jingjing
Last name : Fan
City: Shenzhen , China  

Q: What's your exchange rate from USD to RMB?

A: We refer to the current exchange rate.

Q: Can you declare only $300 for my order? And can I pay with differentaccounts?

A: Sure. Please contact your sales representative for support.

Q: What's the max amount I can pay by credit card? Any limit?

A: The range of credit card payment is $0.1~$2000.For more information, please contact your bank.

Q: I keep getting the error message when inputting my credit card information: This transaction failed because bank system was busy. Please return to merchant's website and try again later.What should I do?

A: Please check with your credit card bank. If it still occurs, contact our customer service.

Q:  Do I need to pay additional bank fee if I pay by T/T (Bank transfer)?

A: Touch-times would not charge you any fee for bank transfer. But banks would charge bank-to-bank transfer fee.

Say you are paying for an order of $600. The bank will charge $50 for transferring, so it's altogether $650 you will submit. If you submit only $600, then the payment we receive will be only $550. In that case, we would not be able to send your full order.

As far as we know, if you do oversea bank transfer, there are three types of handling cost involved:
1) Your local bank fee;
2) Oversea bank fee (If the money is not transferred from your bank to our bank directly, customer should be responsible for this inter-bank transfer fee.);                    

3) Our local bank fee ($60 HKD: if your payment exceeds $800 USD, we can cover this fee for you, otherwise you need to add this fee to us.).