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500MW DIY laser engraving machine, working area 170*200mm

500MW DIY laser engraving machine, working area 170*200mm
Item Code: TOPTT-M1704001C
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500MW DIY laser engraving machine, working area 170*200mm

Parameter Description:
Equipment size: 250MM*315MM*205MM   (L * W * H)
Engraving area: 170MM * 200MM
Laser power: 500mw (support for more power:300mw / 1000mw / 1600mw / 2500mw / 2800mw / 5500mw /7000mw)
Laser Power: 5V / 12V (random switching)
Input voltage: 12V
Number of axes: X axis dual Y-axis (the axis control panel supports 3)
Accuracy: 0.1MM
Main features: low light positioning engraving preview, gray engraving, contour carving, engraving entity
Product advantages:

1, the power transfer software that supports 300mw / 500mw / 1000mw / 1600mw / 2500mw / 2800mw / 5500mw /7000mw
2, rapid replacement of the laser head design + adjustable focal length of the upper and lower design
3, the maximum engraving area of 17 * 20CM
4, thick acrylic + aluminum material production, but also on the appearance of tall solid
5, the software is easy to use, free upgrades for life.
6, dual-motor design more compact and more precise
7, carving unlimited object height, can be placed directly on top of work * (such as directly on the table carving the desktop)
Note: To avoid burn circuit boards, before shipment we will unplug the X, Y axes two lines. After receipt of the pro-marked in accordance with the wiring can be inserted.
Product and does not apply the scope:

This paragraph engraving laser engraving machine is not available the following materials:
Metal (regardless of thickness), stone, ceramics, jewelery, reflective material, a colorless transparent material, soft material

This paragraph laser engraving machine can engrave the following materials:
Wood, plastics, paper, bamboo, horns, and some cortex (purse), cell phone plastic shell, rubber stamp, photosensitive chapter, sponges, paper
Shipping list:
1 mian Unit
1 power card
1 data line
1 protective glasses
1 Test board
1  wrench

   For the production of large quantities of goods, do not buy!
   For carving metal products,  do not buy!

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